Adie’s never met anyone she can’t read. Until now.

She’s just got the break she’s always dreamed of, so it’s the worst possible time to discover her special “abilities” are broken. Well, not broken exactly—faulty. Honestly, it’s just this one guy.

Her first tour manager thinks she’s a fraud and if she can’t convince him she’s the real deal, her new career is over before it’s begun.

For a spine-tingling romance, download this psychic read now.

Who doesn't want to be famous?

Meet Willa Jones.

She lives in a shack near the river, alone and isolated. When she inadvertently appears on a reality TV show, she captures the world’s attention with her unique voice. Everyone wants a piece of her, but she wants none of it.

If she doesn’t stay hidden, the world might discover her sordid past. The only thing worse than hating yourself, is the entire world hating you too.

Winner of RWA Emerald Award 2015. Read it now!

I’m not smart, funny, athletic or musical. I’m completely ordinary in every way—except for this one thing...

My social science project. 

All I did was follow the teacher’s advice. "What if...?" she asked.

I should have picked climate change or world peace. 

Now the school is holding extra staff meetings and student assemblies, and AM Breakfast News wants interviews and everyone’s in a mess—all because of this one little school project.

Maybe this idea will make a difference. I can keep an open mind.

Can you?
A controversial new novel for Young Adults.
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