I Bury Dead People

Smart, sassy and drop-dead insensitive, Pip Lessis has learned the only way not to upset colleagues is to work alone. She's completely unsuited to a job in the service industry, and yet when she inherits a funeral home, she figures its a good fit for her personality type. Dead people don't require small talk, right?

Pip discovers her new small town business can't prosper without the support of the community, and when she starts accusing the townfolk of a murderous conspiracy - well they'd rather invite a serial killer in for tea and toast than trust an outsider.

Jaimes Everest, her largest competitor, seems determined to strike a deal, but when he reveals a surprising truth about his deceased wife, Pip believes he might be slightly unhinged. And why is it, slightly unhinged seems so damn attractive to her?

With one foot in the grave and one foot in her mouth, can Pip find a niche market in the funeral business, uncover a killer and find friendships worth risking everything for…without having to join the netball team?

I Bury Dead People is a cosy tale with a touch of romance, a touch of mystery and a hearse load of laughter.


The Hermit Next Door


Sometimes, fame choses its own champion, whether you want it to or not.
Willa Jones lives in a shack near the river, alone and isolated—by choice. When she inadvertently appears on a reality TV show, The Hermit Next Door, she captures the world’s attention with her unique voice and fresh interpretation of vintage songs. Everyone wants a piece of her, but she wants none of it.

If she doesn’t stay hidden, the world might discover her sordid past.


The only thing worse than hating yourself, is the entire world hating you too.
Winner of RWA Emerald Award 2015. 





Trust Me. I'm (a bit) Psychic.


Adie’s never met anyone she can’t read. Until now.

She’s just got the break she’s always dreamed of, so it’s the worst possible time to discover her special “abilities” are broken.  Well, not broken exactly—faulty. Honestly, it’s just this one guy.

Her first tour manager thinks she’s a fraud and if she can’t convince him she’s the real thing, her new career as a motivational speaker is over before it’s begun.

Every mentalist has their Kryptonite, so she’s just gonna have to pull on her lead, big girl pants and fake it until she makes it.

If you like your romance a little bit quirky, and your characters a little bit strange, then you’ll love this. Trust Me. I’m a bit…you know.

For a spine-tingling experience, download this psychic read now.





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